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When To Visit Mauritius

Best Season to Visit Mauritius
Mauritius has a tropical climate all through the year and it’s alright for the tourists to visit it all the way through the year. The country is filled up with tourists all through the year. But, the finest time to visit is from July to Sept. The winter season starts from July and ends in September.  Wintertime is the best season for visitors to travel to Mauritius since the temperature throughout the day are excellent. The humidity & the soaring temperature during summer decrease steadily in winter. The tourists are recommended to keep away from the summer spell since it’s very hot & humid. The winter is as well devoid of rain. Christmas period witness a massive rush of tourists to Mauritius as a result of the festive spirit along with the tendency of holidaymakers to splurge.

Best seasons in Mauritius for scuba divers:

The scuba divers can travel to Mauritius in the course of the month of Dec to March. June to August, the months best for surfing as the time from Oct to Apr is favorable for fishing.

The months from Jan to Apr are vulnerable to bouts of cyclonic attack. Summertime  from Dec to May shall need to be kept away from as a result of the high temperatures, the sweltering heat as well as the high humidity.  July to September period is basically the best period for the tourists to travel to Mauritius. The pristine attractiveness of the beaches  as well as the cool breeze of the palms & the average temperatures with decreased humidity will help the tourists to experience the soul elevating & invigorating charm of Mauritius throughout wintertime.

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